It’s HOW Old?!?

You may already know that Methuselah is the oldest person in the world. The Bible mentions his age in Genesis 5:25-27—he died at 969 years of age.

Did you know there’s a bristlecone pine hidden within California’s Inyo National Forest also named Methuselah? It was named after Methuselah from the Bible. That’s because at 4,800 years old, the Guinness Book of World Records lists it as the oldest living tree in the world.

It put down roots some 2,700 years before the birth of Jesus.
Nestled within California’s White Mountains, Methuselah lives within
a grove of other bristlecones that may reach around 5,000 years of age.

Bristlecones grow slowly—only one inch per century! The U.S. Forest Service won’t publicize its exact location, so they can protect it from vandalism.

Are you ready for some really really really great news?
Christians will outlive the oldest tree in the world!

You’ll even outlive Methuselah from the Bible.

You’ll live eternally!

And the best part?
You’ll live in a perfect Kingdom, with the One who loves you most.

That’s really great news.

You are loved!

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