Jesus Took a Break

Several times in Scripture, we read that Jesus broke away from the disciples to spend time with Father God. During these times, our Savior sought His Father’s guidance, strength, and encouragement.

If Jesus needed these times of refreshment, how much more do we!

So here’s some good news!

I’ve put together a “get away” cruise for April 5-10, 2025 . . . but I have been publishing incorrect pricing. What I listed as the price for each person is actually the price for two people! (Aren’t you glad I’m not an accountant? Numbers have never been my favorite thing; I gravitate toward words!)

Here’s the real truth for double occupancy in a room:

Interior rooms: $718.50 per person.
Oceanview rooms: $774.50 per person.
Balcony room: $1,109.50

Bonus: Our group is getting a $100 on-board-credit for each room that can be used for off-shore excursions, tips, specialty restaurants, etc.

We’ll be sailing with Royal Caribbean and will depart from New Orleans. You’ll enjoy our private worship and teaching times—along with the ships’ variety of fun on-board shows.

Do you need a get-away
 I do!
And Cozumel and Yucatan are great places to get away.

If you’re interested, please contact my cruise director, Carla Pryor. She can help you with a deposit, choosing your room, and all kinds of exciting stuff! Carla: 251-423-0900; You are loved! Susie