Job Description for Mother of God’s Son:
Wanted: A Mother for the Savior of the World

• Must be ready for unexpected company. (Luke 1:26-29)
Are you prepared for a visit from an angel of God? She was troubled not by his presence but by his announcement that he was from the presence of God. She must have wondered what this was leading up to, but she said nothing.

• Must believe the unbelievable. (Luke 1:30-38)
The first question Mary raises is in regard to the conception of this child, but she doesn’t question the explanation.

• Must be willing to give God the glory. (Luke 1:46-55)
Mary wisely doesn’t beat her own drum or applaud herself. God receives all the glory in this event.

• Must be capable of keeping private things to herself. (Luke 2:19)
A foreign concept in today’s “tell-all” society. Mary didn’t appear on a talk show and tell her life’s story. She’s the ultimate example of discretion.

• Must have a realistic opinion of herself. (Luke 1:48)
She readily recognized her position in relation to God and the great honor He was bestowing on her. But Mary never indicates she expects to be an object of worship—only a tool of service in God’s plan!

• Must be willing to take a subordinate role when it’s time. (Matthew 12:46-48)
All mothers reach a point in their children’s lives when they have to retreat and allow their children to become responsible adults. This was even more accentuated in Mary’s life because her Son was launching a public ministry and preparing for the Cross.

• Must be willing to give Son up to die for the sins of the world. (John 19:25-27)
All that Mary had experienced from the beginning of Gabriel’s message through the next 33 years had led her on an unalterable path to this end. He wasn’t born to be a joy to her or give her pride in His accomplishments.

He wasn’t born to care for her in her old age. He was born to die for her sins . . . and ours!

This Christmas season—determine to respond as Mary did to all God

wants for you—by saying, “May it be as You say.”

When God’s will is made clear in life and we obey, nothing is impossible!