Thank You!

If you choose to live with an attitude of gratitude, would your world be different?

Before you read any more of this little devotional thought, P-A-U-S-E a moment and thank God for 10 things.

It probably wasn’t that tough, was it?
So why don’t we do it more often?

I’m grateful for all kinds of things.
My house flooded last week, and it will be mid-to-late December before it’s put back together.

My safe haven has unfortunately transformed into a disaster area. And yes . . . I’m concerned.

Lord, where am I going to get the money to pay for everything that insurance doesn’t cover?

Workers removing all my wall-hangings, packing up everything inside drawers and putting it all in boxes, movers still to come and move my furniture into storage, flooring being ripped up, the inside of the house has to be repainted, new flooring installed, and it just goes on and on and .. . and while I’m not grateful for this inconvenience, I have been thanking God for my blessings:

I’m not hospitalized.
I don’t have a broken bone.
I still have a house.
I have my two little Schnauzers, Amos and Bentley Boy.
I still have my wonderful family.
God is still on the Throne.
I’m alive.
I have the privilege of pastoring an amazing church.

God is walking with me every step of the way in this journey of the flood.

I’m also thankful for Crayola’s biggest box of Crayons.
And the way they smell when you first open the box.
And pomegranates.
Wheel of Fortune.
The fence in my backyard.
Washing machines.
Strawberry jelly.
Bicycles built for two.
A-1 sauce.
Shampoo and conditioner.
Burnt hotdogs.
Charlie Brown Christmas stamps.
Dr. Seuss books.
And Mexican food.

It’s not hard to keep going when we really put our minds to it.
So THIS Thanksgiving season, let’s strive to thank our Savior
for a list of things each day of Thanksgiving week.
Get creative.
One day try thanking Him for everything orange you can think of.
Another day thank Him for all the things for which you’re spiritually
Thank Him for the special people in your life.
Your church.
Your memories.
Your eternal future.
Thank Him for silly things: the glow inside a lightning bug.
Your shoes.
Someone’s smile.

Go overboard with gratitude this season.
God loves it when you thank Him!

Know what I’m reallyreallyreallyreallyreally grateful for?



PS: I’d love to hear a few things you’re thankful for this season.
If you get a moment, share some with me: