My dear friend Rev. Javier Tamez (pastor of Las Vegas Church of the
Nazarene), fought a vicious battle of Covid for 47 days and entered heaven
just three days ago.

I hate Covid.
I abhor illness.
I loathe death.

But I celebrate those who leave a spiritual legacy for their loved ones. And
And that’s exactly what Pastor Jav did.

He lived his life as a genuine, gentle shepherd—not only for the flock he
pastored—but all with whom he came in contact. He had such a tender
spirit that he’d often tear up when talking about Jesus, His Savior.

For seven years, he was instrumental on several of my mission trips. He
always did our baptisms, and he met with the students ahead of time
carefully explaining the meaning of baptism to make sure they understood
the meaning.

He loved his family, his friends, his flock and everyone God brought into his

What an amazing spiritual legacy he leaves with his family.
I want to leave this kind of legacy . . . one that people will remember long
after I’m gone. A legacy that shouts volumes of God’s faithfulness and His
love for us.

I realize NOW is the time to build my legacy. So I’m asking Christ to help
me do, say and be what He needs to leave a legacy through my lifestyle.
Will you join me in building a legacy right now?