(Reminder: I’m doing an A to Z devotional)

He was an incredible construction worker, and we find his building plan in the Old Testament. Nehemiah rebuilt the wall surrounding Jerusalem in just 52 days. To build a wall that would encircle a city with a population of 80,000 without trucks, bulldozers, or any other modern equipment, is miraculous.

The length of the wall was about three miles, and it was eight feet thick. Besides being an amazing construction worker, Nehemiah was also a great motivational speaker. He recruited quite a company of men to assist in building the wall—and they did it during attacks from  neighboring cities.

Nehemiah was also a prophet, and obviously, God used him in mighty ways. But back to the issue at hand: How in the world did he complete such a massive building project in just 52 days?

Here are a few possibilities:

• He recognized the importance of the individual. Nehemiah treated each construction worker as a gifted and unique individual man of God. You, too, are a unique and wonderful worker.

• He recognized the importance of their task. God had a special calling on Nehemiah’s life. Building the wall that surrounded Jerusalem was at the top of the list. When neighboring governors invited him to meetings and engagements, Nehemiah responded with:

“I am doing a great work! Why should I stop to come and visit with you?” (Nehemiah 6:3 LB)

Nothing was more important to him that doing what God had called him to do.
I wonder what God could accomplish through us if we lived this way.

• He didn’t cut corners. Nehemiah assigned various people to repair the numerous gates. He may have been tempted to simply cover up the “Dung Gate,” but he didn’t. He gave it as much attention as the “Fish Gate,” the “Fountain Gate” and all the others. And no one complained. The men assigned to the “Dung Gate” didn’t whine because they had a gross assignment. Each person did their best because of Nehemiah’s example.

But why bother rebuilding this wall that had been torn down?
Good question!
As long as the wall was down, Jerusalem was vulnerable to physical AND spiritual attacks from other cities.

Do you know God is calling YOU to build a wall?
This is the most important calling you’ll ever have.
He’s calling you to build a strong spiritual wall around your life.
He desires an intimate, growing relationship with you (that’s your wall).
For your wall . . . or relationship . . . to be steady, your foundation must be
very secure.

So be extremely selective of the bricks you use. Modern philosophies will eventually crumble your wall. A changing culture will implode your wall. Those are flimsy bricks. But bricks such as the Holy Spirit, the Bible, a strong prayer life, and studying Scripture, count for a secure foundation that will hold up your wall.

A couple of questions:

1. Do you have a spiritual wall?

2. If not, will you consider building one? (Having a relationship with Christ is a decision that will affect your eternity.)

3. How strong is your wall?

Nehi grape soda isn’t found anywhere in the Bible. But the disciples had plenty of grapes and probably could have made some if they’d just thought it through.

Nebraska isn’t mentioned in Scripture, either. I’m OK with that. After all, I’m a Sooner—not a Corn Husker.