Here’s the scene:
Eleven disciples huddled together
what would happen next.
The One in whom
they believed
and for whom they had left everything—
now gone.
Would they be next?
The pounding of the horses hooves
on the dirt road reverberating
in their ears, hearts and minds.
It could be a matter of minutes
before the soldiers burst through
the door and shattered the little group
taking them into custody.
Yet suddenly
He came.
Into this web of fear
and doubt and disorder
Jesus enters inside their cocoon.
The door was still closed.
Had He . . .
come through
the wall?
And then He spoke
P  E  A  C  E.
That’s all it took.
Once again
filled with faith, purpose, comfort.

We, too, like the disciples huddle
inside our homes in uncertainty.
from the Body of Christ.
Yet right inside this current cocoon of doubt and uncertainty
Jesus comes
and He brings the same message:
P  E  A  C  E.

* * *

Please pray for me. Because of Covid-19, pastors have had to cancel
scheduled revivals and spiritual renewal weekends with me.
This affects me in an enormous way.

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