This may sound weird . . .
but I planned my funeral last week.

No, I’m not sick.
But my precious 95-year-old aunt passed away
almost three years ago.

And a few years before she passed away,
she told me that she was making
payments on her funeral so we wouldn’t get stuck
with any of the expenses.

I didn’t really pay attention to that,
I just tried to keep reminding how loved she was.

But when she passed away, our family met at
The funeral home director pulled out her file,
and we realized what a huge blessing we received
to know that her costs were covered.

She had even made plans for who would conduct the funeral,
who would sing,
who would pray,
and what she would wear.

What a tremendous relief to know that she loved us enough
to remove the burden of us having to sort through all that.

So last week I did the same.
Friends have asked me if it felt weird.
It didn’t.
It was a relief to know that I’m saving my brother and his family from
getting hit with expenses they shouldn’t have to deal with.

Allow me to draw the parallel.
While it’s wise to plan ahead for a funeral—
it’s even much wiser to plan for eternity.

Some people muse, I’ll live my life the way I want to now,
And when I’m older I’ll eventually get my spiritual affairs in order.

Not a smart move.
We’re told in 2 Corinthians 6:2 that NOW is the day of salvation.
NOW is the time to get our spiritual act together.
NOW is the time to make things right with our Creator.

I feel great knowing my earthly end is taken care of.
But I feel even better knowing my eternity is solid.

During my teen years I made a commitment to God:
“Any thing
Any time
Any place.
I’m Yours.”

I’m ready.
Are you?


I’d appreciate your prayers this weekend as I speak at Columbia First Church of
the Nazarene on September 22.