Standing center stage and directly in the spotlight,
we see Jacob and Esau playing “The Price Is Right.”
What is Esau’s bid for the price of his birthright?
A bowl of stew.
Though he won the stew, he actually lost the prize.
Let’s dig a little deeper.
According to Old Testament law, as owner of the birthright,
the oldest son would receive a double inheritance
(Deuteronomy 21:17).

He would also assume the spiritual leadership of the family—
making sure the family was taken care of financially
and that they walked with God spiritually.

In other words, as priest of the home, he would have a
significant role to play in ministry.
In watching Esau’s negotiating skills on “The Price Is Right,”
we can see that he would have made an A+ in drama class:
“I’m famished. I’m dying! Give me some stew. NOW!”

Esau didn’t trade his birthright because he was so hungry
that he was about to die, or because there wasn’t anything
else to eat in the house, but because he wanted to fulfill the
desires of the flesh.

He was self-consumed.
Esau was willing to trade his entire spiritual heritage
for a whim of the moment.

He devoured the bowl of soup without giving
another thought to his birthright.
It meant nothing to him.
Esau couldn’t care less about ministry.
He refused to delay his gratification.

Right Here, Right Now
Don’t we see the same thing happening today?
We want instant gratification.
This is why so many are in financial debt.
Gotta buy new furniture NOW.
Gotta have a new car NOW.
Isn’t instant gratification the reason so many people
are sexually involved outside of marriage?
Gotta have my desires met NOW.

In today’s culture, delayed gratification is almost unknown.
If we want it, we can get it.
Order it on Amazon NOW.
And if you’re a prime member, get it by tomorrow!
Instant gratification is a sign of being self-consumed.
And there are always consequences.

Could it be that you’ve been playing
“The Price Is Right” with God?
If so, He invites you to walk away from the game.
and self-consummation will always keep us from
becoming whom God desires us to be.
And it will always lead us in the wrong direction.
God isn’t into games.
He is into complete fulfillment.

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