Just Being Careful

There’s a tan spot on the outside of my hand that I’ve had for a few years. It just looks like an age spot, and I never thought twice about it—until the other day when I happened to touch it and noticed that it was slightly raised. I panicked. Skin cancer. Melanoma? I made an […]

What’s It Called?

Conversation with my 93-year-old aunt: ME: Do you have your list for Walgreens? AUNT: Yes, but you’ll just have to be patient as I get in the car. It takes me a while. ME: I won’t close the door until you’re in. AUNT: I have to walk slowly because of my asthma. ME: You mean […]


I went to physical therapy today because my back has been hurting. Too much hauling heavy luggage around the country. So I thought some good ol’ P.T. might help. (Please remind me never to use “good ol’ and P.T. in the same sentence again.) Did it help? It’s too early to tell. This is normal, […]

Discerning God’s Will

Last week we began chatting about finding God’s will for our lives.   #1. First, God’s will has a lot to do with our desires. (See last week’s blog for this part.)   Let’s look at a couple more ways to know His will.   #2.  God’s will is found in God’s Word. Simply put: […]

Neighbor Kids, a Podium and God’s Will

When I was 9 years old, I asked my dad to make me a podium so I could speak. He did. It was about three feet tall—just my size. I used that little podium a lot. The neighborhood kids gathered in our garage, and I’d tell them stories and try different things to keep their […]