What Does Genuine Praise Sound Like?

Have you ever thought about what it means to praise God? Psalm 96 tells us that someday the seas will demonstrate His glory, the earth will rejoice, and the fields will display His greatness. Let that soak into your brain for a second. How will the seas demonstrate His glory? Will trillions of waves simply […]

Get Away!

Every now and then we all need a break. Even Jesus made time to get alone. He loved to receive strength and renewal from His Father. If you’d like to really get away . . . like all the way to the Caribbean . . . seriously consider joining me on the cruise I’ve put […]


I’ve been reading the Old Testament book of Job this week. Are you familiar with this true story? Good man goes through horrific times. His 10 children die, his ranch full of animals die. His wife suggests he turn his back on God. His three best friends tell him the reason he’s experiencing such horrific […]


We tend to label someone a hero who does something specific to help another in a world-changing way. But even these acts are only temporal. The heroism makes someone’s life better today, but not eternally. The greatest heroes are people whom God uses to changes lives forever—people He uses as instruments to bring others into […]


Imagine: A young lady becomes engaged to the love of her life. She spends several days searching for the perfect wedding dress. Hours are spent trying on dress after dress. She finally discovers the one-in-a-million dress that seems to be made just for her. She marks the days off on the calendar; it seems her […]

MARY Christmas (Part 3)

(Part 3)   I hope you’re having an amazing Christmas today celebrating our Savior’s birth. To think that the King of kings chose to leave the perfection of a grandiose kingdom and invade our sinful world with love and a plan for redemption is mind-boggling. I’m still thinking about Mary and want to pass on […]

MARY Christmas (Part 2)

(Part 2) As mentioned last week, I’m trying to have a MARY Christmas this year. In thinking about her life, I want to pass on what I’m learning and hopefully challenge YOU to establish a Mary Christmas as well.   • Mary trusted in the midst of discomfort. In Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary soon discovered […]

MARY Christmas

This year I’ve decided to have a MARY Christmas. I’ve been thinking about her recently . . . and here are some things I’m learning that I want to challenge you with, OK? • Mary trusted God for the impossible. When the angel announced she’d deliver the Messiah, she didn’t understand it. It seemed ridiculous, […]