Oh, Paul!

At first I found myself in awe of the apostle Paul as he said, “I urge you to imitate me” (1 Corinthians 4:16). But I have to admit . . . later, I began to feel frustrated with him. I mean, after all, Paul wasn’t perfect. After his conversion, he determined to the “the great […]

Serious About Copycat!

Would you ever tell someone to watch your lifestyle and imitate all that you do? Think about it: Your words. What you watch on TV. How you spend your money. Your reactions. How you vote. What you choose to fight for. Your reading material. What you post on social media. Every part of your life […]


I loved playing copycat when I was a little girl. I’d mimic and repeat everything a friend said until I drove her nuts. Not many people enjoyed my game.   Now that I’m older (I’m 92 now) . . . (OK, not really. I just wanted to make sure you were still reading!) Now that […]

The Master has Big Dreams…

Have you ever felt unworthy—as though God can’t use you? If so, you can relate to Matthew. He was in a less-than-idea vocation, but Christ saw his potential. He knew what Matthew could become. Christ sees the possibilities in you as well. He dreams big for you.   When the Master Artist invites you inside […]


(Based on Matthew 9:9; Mark 1:2-8) Earth is a theater filled with a crowded audience. The people are packed tightly together; expectant. Anticipating. You’re there. Front row. Edge of your seat. The curtains have opened. Act One has been announced: The Beginning. The lights shift gradually. A slight change in the hues of red and […]