The paint is still wet on the canvas. The colors glisten in the sun. Texture and technique equal vibrancy extraordinaire. The Artist has created brilliance.   But instead of putting down His brush, He waves it over His creation and breathes directly into the painting. The colors receive His breath and begin to move. Rhythm […]

Where’s Your Heart?

God spoke a lot about a man’s heart. Know it by heart . . . When you break someone’s heart He’ll want a heart-to-heart with you. David was a man after God’s own heart But he soon had a heavy heart After breaking God’s heart. From the bottom of his heart He had a change […]

Did You Know . . .

• Michael J. Fox’s middle name is Andrew. • My middle name is Sue. (No, it’s not Susie Sue. Susie is my nickname for Sue. I’ve always been called Susie. My first name is Marjorie—after my mother.) • Twelve percent of all the Coca-Cola in America is drunk at breakfast. • That God collects your […]

Just Being Careful

There’s a tan spot on the outside of my hand that I’ve had for a few years. It just looks like an age spot, and I never thought twice about it—until the other day when I happened to touch it and noticed that it was slightly raised. I panicked. Skin cancer. Melanoma? I made an […]

What’s It Called?

Conversation with my 93-year-old aunt: ME: Do you have your list for Walgreens? AUNT: Yes, but you’ll just have to be patient as I get in the car. It takes me a while. ME: I won’t close the door until you’re in. AUNT: I have to walk slowly because of my asthma. ME: You mean […]