Last week I went through Sonic’s drive-through during Happy Hour so I
could get a Coca-Cola for half-price. They had a sign taped to the speaker
that read, “Sorry. We’re out of ice.”

Isn’t that the real reason we all GO to Sonic?
Doesn’t every drink taste better when it’s served with Sonic crushed ice?

A few years ago, I spoke at a church who had just completed a brand-new
fellowship hall next door to their building. It was beautiful and still smelled
new. They couldn’t wait for me to see it. But what they were most excited
about was something inside the fellowship hall.

“Susie!” the pastor said. “You’re not gonna believe what we have inside!
We got an amazing deal on a Sonic ice machine!” Sure enough—there it
was—filled with perfected and amazing crushed ice. Children were running
around filling Styrofoam cups with ice from the machine. It was a hit with
the entire church.

I couldn’t help but laugh . . . and even started checking prices to see if I
could afford one in my home. I couldn’t. But I sure got a kick out of it.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Sonic’s crushed ice. I have friends
who buy it by the bag and keep it in their freezers.

I posted my experience on Facebook with the Sonic drive-through being
out of ice. Yes, we’ll post about anything and everything on FB, won’t we? I
got a kick out of the responses I got:

• “This is very sad!”
• This the only reason I go to Sonic—for the ice!”
• “I would have died right then and there!”
• “What?! Is this a Third World Sonic?”
• “This is TERRIBLE!”
• “Heartbreaking.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, I’m not in the hospital. I didn’t lose an arm
or leg. I wasn’t held up at gunpoint. I didn’t total my car. Yet, if you hadn’t
read my post, you would’ve easily assumed from the responses something
this bad had just happened to me.

I was halfway kidding when I made the post. Sure, I was disappointed in
Sonic’s ice situation, but I truly wasn’t pining over it. But the whole thing
made me realize how important it is to keep things in perspective.

When it seems as though my world is falling apart . . . when life slaps me in
the face . . . when someone hurts my feelings . . . when trials come . . . I
need to maintain clear perspective. Only Jesus can help me do this.

This week, let’s determine together to keep things in proper context. And
go ahead—treat yourself to a Sonic half-price drink between 2 and 4 pm!

_______ _______ _______

Since writing last week, I’ve had even more cancelations to my fall
schedule. Again, I humbly ask for your prayers. I know this doesn’t surprise
God. He’s certainly bigger than Covid. And He is always faithful. As you
pray for me, if you feel led to make a donation to the ministry He has given
me, you can write a check to Susie Shellenberger Ministries and mail to me
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