Susie’s Devotion-A-Week: Galatians 5:7

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  1. MaryCarol
    MaryCarol says:

    I love being able to connect with you in an ongoing basis. You always have something for me to think about and put into action. Today’s message about being who you hang out with is one I have told my sons since they were very little and they are now 43 & 47. It is still true as my one son found out by hanging with a girl who tried to break up his 21 year marriage. Thank you for sending me to the spot in God’s Word that affirms this fact. I can now quote “chapter & verse” because you have shared His Word. Have a great week Susie!!!! God loves you and so do I.

  2. Ali
    Ali says:

    So true! I heard years ago that you become the person you are because of the people with whom you associate and the things you read. My experience has affirmed this indeed! Thanks Susie.

  3. Janis
    Janis says:

    Susie, I choose to hang out with you the last weekend in October at the SouthTexas Women’s Retreat!! There are five from our church coming. I’m having lunch with your college roomie on Thursday. So I choose to hang out with some pretty awesome people.


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