The Names of God

We see different characteristics of God throughout Scripture.
He is our Provider,
our Guide,
our Protector,
and our Redeemer—
to name just some of His characteristics.

But God also has a few different names.

Let’s look at three.

Jehovah Jireh is used in Genesis 22:14 where God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice instead of his son. The name means “sees to everything beforehand.” We can’t ever have a need that’s not already met in His mind!

Jehovah Rohi means God is our Shepherd. It’s used in Psalm 23:1 and the spirit of the name is perfectly shown in the remainder of the Psalm. All that a good shepherd is to his sheep, God is to us.

Jehovah Shalom means God is our peace and was spoken to Gideon in a time of war in Judges 6:11-24. Jehovah is our Peace in any difficulty. Ask God to reveal the meaning of these three names to you throughout this week. Pray that He will demonstrate His provision, His guidance as your Shepherd, and saturate you in His peace.

Then look for another name of God in Scripture and bless Him by focusing on that in the next seven days.

You are loved!

Please continue to help me pray that I’ll get reinstated onto Facebook.

Some of you know that I was kicked off of FB the first of September. Someone hacked my account and posted something so vulgar that FB immediately removed it and blocked me from getting back on. I’ve tried multiple ways and times to get reinstated, but so far I haven’t had any success. I enjoyed using FB as a means of ministry. Please help me pray that God will make a way for me to be reinstated.