He left the meeting about missions—
but not before instructing all 200 in attendance to pray. Now.
Then entered the E.R. and gathered my family.
We prayed.
He led.
He walked us straight into the throne room of God Almighty.
He hugged us.
He told us the Body of Christ was praying, holding us up, loving us.
And then he lingered in silence.
Exuding love simply by being.
No need to keep talking.
No barrage of questions.
Then after a while, he left.
But not before assuring us he’d be back in the morning.

* * *

Thank you for all the prayers for my family and me in the loss of Scott
Shellenberger. We are leaning into Christ, and He is so very faithful!
I’d appreciate your prayers this weekend as I speak in Wrightsville,