It’s that time of year again . . . the Hallmark Christmas movies have
begun making their rounds on our TVs again . . . and we all know
what’s going to happen within the first 15 minutes (or less) of the
show, don’t we?

To say the Hallmark Christmas movies are predictable is an
understatement. But it’s a fun predictable! A young man and young
lady either meet for the first time or reconnect after several years.
After some ups and downs, a small-town festival, a big
misunderstanding and having to make a major life decision, these two
declare their lifelong love for one another.

Since I know what’s going to happen, why do I stay tuned in?
Because it feels good.
It’s warm.

And cozy.
It makes me smile.
Watching a Hallmark movie feels as though
I’m drinking a cup of hot chocolate with a dog curled in my lap, a fire
going in the fireplace and wonderful endings to life’s mysteries.
So I keep watching—
while wearing my official “Hallmark movie-watching
sweatshirt” and drinking out of my official “Hallmark movie-watching

Though our lives are not Hallmark movies,
we can live with genuine peace, joy, security and fulfillment.
It’s all found in intimacy with Christ.
And I’ll take that any day and every day over a festival and a small
town with magic in the air. Why? Because my Hallmark movie ends in
just two hours. But what Christ gives me lasts forever!


Please pray for me this weekend as I speak in Othello, WA.