I’m not a pluviophile.
A what?
A pluviophile is someone who loves rain.
This person receives true peace of mind when it’s raining.
A good rainstorm brings him joy—and lots of it!
Me? I like sunny days.

During South Korea’s monsoon season, more than 31 inches
of torrential rain can fall in less than a month.
So unless you’re a pluviophile, life can be dreary during this time.

Some creative art students decided to brighten this bleak season
by painting murals on Seoul’s downtown sidewalks.

But these weren’t just any murals.
These young artists used hydrochromic paint—
which is invisible on dry surfaces.
But as soon as the rain hits the pavement,
the painted bright images are revealed!
The rain actually transforms the dull gray sidewalk
into vibrant scenes of whales, turtles and fish.

Check out these photos of hydrochromic painted Seoul sidewalks:


BEFORE and After

What does the rain in your life reveal?

I confess . . . rain hasn’t always revealed the brightest images
in my life. But I’m consciously asking God to help me allow
the storms to bring out the good.

We know that adversity can reveal our true colors.
It can also reveal God’s colors in our lives.
I truly desire His colors to shine through—
not just during the sunny days,
but in the midst of the rain.

We are His masterpiece . . . His artwork.
May our lives prove that His brushstrokes can be trusted.


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