(Reminder: I’m doing an A to Z devotional blog.)

Zechariah is all over the first chapter of Luke’s Gospel. You probably know him best as the father of John the Baptist. But he was also a priest in the temple and devoutly served God.

Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, had spent decades praying for a son. God heard their prayers and sent the angel Gabriel straight from heaven’s throne room to deliver the news that Elizabeth would give birth to a son. But even then, Zechariah had doubts.

We tend to think, Hey, Zechariah! God is answering your prayer. And He even sent you an angel to let you know. Why in the world are you doubting?

Yet we also doubt, don’t we?
Even though we have the Old Testament AND the New Testament, we still tend to doubt God’s faithfulness.

Because Zechariah doubted, God removed his ability to speak until John’s birth. As soon as he had speech, Zechariah was faithful to let everyone know he would not be naming the child after himself. God had given this child his name: John.

Zechariah continued to serve God, and the Almighty restored his faith.

Because of his old age when John was born, Zechariah likely did not live to see his son prepare the way for Jesus, which happened when John was about 30 years old. God graciously revealed to Zechariah and Elizabeth what their miracle son would do, even though they never lived to see it come to pass.

What can we learn from Zechariah’s story? God desires that we persevere in prayer! But why did God wait so long before answering their prayer? Could it be because He wanted everyone to know that the impossible birth was a miracle?

Zechariah’s and Elizabeth’s reproductive clocks had stopped a long time ago. Without God’s intervention, it was impossible for them to have a child.

Sometimes God waits for years before answering our prayers.

But His timing is perfect. Never early; never late. Always right on time!

Zaddy isn’t in Scripture, but I think several people in the Bible could have been described as such. Zaddy: an attractive man who is also stylish, charming, and self-confident. Saul, David and Peter may have all been Zaddies.

Zilpah is found in Genesis 30:10-13. She was the mother of Gad and Asher. But because she’s never talked about, I’m guessing Gad and Asher consistently blew it on Mother’s Day.
Bottom line: Honor your mother!