It was on one of my annual summer mission trips.
We were in Bolivia. Lindsey was a 17-year-old American missionary kid
living in Bolivia with her parents. I casually asked what a normal week
for her looked like.

“Sundays, of course, is church. Sometimes we’re here, and other times
we’re in another village for a service, but that usually fills the day. Monday
evenings I’m involved in a discipleship group, and I lead a Bible group for
children on Tuesdays after school.

“On Wednesdays,” Lindsey continued, “we’re involved in our mid-week
service for adults, children and teens. And on Thursdays I canvas a variety
of places with the adults passing out brochures and inviting people to

Lindsey took a breath and kept going: “Friday evenings are usually spent
with my family following up with visitors who came to the Sunday or
Wednesday services. And Saturdays we spend about half the day in the
market sharing our faith.”

I couldn’t help but think, Quite a bit different from most teen girls in the U.S.

I followed up with, “Who do you hang out with?”
“Well, I’ve tried doing things with some of the students at the international
school I attend,” Lindsey said, “but I don’t really fit in with them. We’re just
not interested in the same things.

“I don’t really fit in with the nationals either,” she said, “because I’m not
Bolivian. And even though I’m fluent in Spanish, you can still tell when I
speak that it’s not my native tongue.”

Then she paused.
And I’ll never forget what came next.

“Come to think of it . . . I don’t really fit in with anyone here.”
Another pause. A smile slowly filled her face.
“And I’m OK with that. I know this is just temporary. My real citizenship is in

It’s as though Lindsey had her home address memorized—
and I’m not talking about her Bolivian street number or even her American
address. Lindsey had her eternal address etched on her heart!

If we could all grasp this truth, wouldn’t it put everything in proper

Maybe the unkind neighbor’s remarks wouldn’t hurt so much.
And the unfair boss? Only temporary.
Perhaps the elections wouldn’t consume our thoughts.
And maybe we’d remember there’s life beyond a pandemic.

Could this be what Scripture is hinting at?

“For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.”(Hebrews 13:14 NLT)

This week determine to memorize your eternal address.
You can start by copying the Scripture above and putting it on notecards or
stickies to place in key areas around the house, your car, inside your
pocket or purse or backpack, etc.

Dear Jesus, will You help me focus more on what’s ahead than the
temporary trials I often let throw me off? Thank You for the promise of
_______ _______ _______


Please continue to help me pray that God will fill my speaking schedule
once again.